Kasia Gawron (Katarzyna Gawron-Miekisiak) is a professional artist, graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland and School of Visual Arts in New York, USA.
She had worked for many years in the USA and China as a Graphic Designer and Colorist. Eventually, at some point of her life, inspired by a very vivid dream, she decided to focus on painting and drawing. Currently Kasia lives and works in the picturesque East Sudety Mountains, Poland.
Artist statement:

As an artist I have a very strong interest in the shape of human body, which I find immensely beautiful and fascinating.
Living abroad for some time and having met people with different backgrounds I came into realization of how efficient and universal is body language as a mean of communication.
My other, somewhat related fascination is the classical and modern dance, and this topic is abundantly present in my works.
As a countermeasure in my works I often incorporate letters as well as handwriting and typography. This gives a geometric and tidy look.
Also last but not least, as a passionate collector of vintage printed fabrics I love to integrate their designs in my works.

  • "Lettered Art", group exhibition, Teufelhof Gallery, Basel, Switzerland, Aug, 2015
  • "SEAMS" Art Inspired by fashion/ Fashion Inspired by Art, Hoxton Arches Gallery, London, Sept, 2014
  • "SUMMER" Polanica Art Gallery, Dec 2013- Jan. 2014
    solo exhibition
  • International Biennial Pastel Exhibition , Nowy Sącz 2013, Poland
    group exhibition
  • Legnica International Exhibition SATYRYKON 2012
    group exhibition
  • Landscape CZESTOCHOWA 2011
    group exhibition
  • LEGNICA Silver 2011
    group exhibition

All presented artworks are available for sale unless otherwise stated.
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