Boy with the monkey 
 Upside down 
 Little Greg 
 In the bushes 
 Beach III 
 Beach 1 
 Beach II/ private collection 
 Still life with oranges/ private collection 
 Still life with white teapot 
 Orchard III 
 Orchard II 
 Orchard I/ private collection 
 Silkworms I / private collection 
 Silkworms II 
 Silkworms III private collection 
 Silkworms IV 
 Still life with dotted cups 
 Still life with blue stripes and red dotted cup 
 Still life with white teapot 
 Girl with a dog 
 Phenomenal woman (on exhibition) 
 Still life with red apple 
 Still life with yellow fruit /private collection 
 Still life with an orange /private collection 
 Dried fruit